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Player Development

How you are asked to play can affect how good you become.


We enjoy being extremely flexible in how we approach the game.  Our offense is a series of concepts blended together to attack the basket in multiple ways and angles in a continuous fashion.  Our philosophy remains constant, but how we utilize personnel changes every year based on player development and recruiting.  The culture of getting better is far more important than any offense or defense.  Our goal is to give the players space to grow into their games as they improve, but we also want to protect them as they are in the process of getting better. 

“Coach Novak provided an environment in practice to develop my skills and increase my knowledge of how the game should be played.  He always found ways for me to improve as a player, and I am humbled and grateful for the investment he made in me as a basketball player and as a person!"

Kyle Zimmermann, Bethel University

First-team All-American

MIAC Player of the Year

“Not only did Coach Novak help me develop basketball skills, but he instilled in me a confidence to use those skills in games.  He did this by constantly advocating the importance of improvement and process rather than result.  I'm thankful for gaining such an understanding because its a principle that not only applies to basketball, but to the rest of life as well."

Quinn Gorski, Bethel University

“Coach Novak created an amazing atmosphere that encouraged hard work while enjoying the process.  We grew as a team under his leadership and his honest straight-forward approach is exactly what you want in a coach."

Luke Buttenhoff, Bethel University

“Coach Novak is a hands on coach, and is very adamant about seeing his players get better and develop their game.  He is a coach that truly desires to help you improve as a player.  He helped me to significantly improve my overall game which in return has put me in great professional basketball opportunities.  Coach Novak is the definition of a players coach and I appreciate everything he has done for me.  Any team should be very grateful to have him as a coach."

Josh Davis, Tulane University

Signed by San Antonio Spurs

Professional Basketball Player

“Coach Novak was by far one of the best coaches that I had my entire career.  He always paid close attention to details, his constant work-ethic, and the preparation that he brought to the game of basketball was superior.  He helped to make me a far better player and yet at the same time, he helped me grow as a person as well.  He is truly a great teacher of the game along with being a great person and friend.  To this day, I still use many of the skills that Coach Novak taught me and I will always be grateful for him taking the time out to be a great coach to me!!!” 

Demetrius Nelson, The Citadel

First Team All-Southern Conference

Professional Basketball Player


“Coach Novak has a great offensive mind.  He taught me as a point guard when I needed to score and when I needed to get my teammates involved.  He took my skills and talents up another level.”

Ricky Tarrant, Tulane University/University of Alabama

First team All-Conference USA


Screen Shot 2023-03-26 at 12.06.11 AM.png

“Coach Doug Novak was a master at teaching post moves and giving each of them a name like 'Barkley into a running hook.’ Coach Novak definitely had the highest basketball IQ I have ever experienced from a coach. I also learned how to weak-side pin my opponents for offensive rebounds. I still frequently use the tactics I learned at The Citadel in my professional career and it helps give me an advantage. " 


Joe Wolfinger, 9 year Overseas Professional Player


“Coach Novak teaches fundamentals in way that helps develop your game on and off the court.  Those skills have been instrumental in my pro career”

Cam Wells, The Citadel

First Team All-Southern Conference

Professional Basketball Player


Screen Shot 2023-03-26 at 12.06.22 AM.png

"It just feels good to have a coach that just won't give up on you," Hayes said. "When you have a coach like that, it's very inspiring. You can't do anything but trust…He does all he can, Props to him — coming into everything that he had to come in. All you can do is just trust him and buy into everything that he says."

Anastasia Hayes, Mississippi State Women’s Basketball, 2022 SEC Leading Scorer


Screen Shot 2023-03-26 at 12.05.50 AM.png

“Coach Doug is an offensive genius. His ability to  dissect the X’s and O’s of basketball and turn the game into a “position-less basketball scheme” is why teams have a hard time defending. It’s unpredictable and never ending. The amount of options  that builds off one another makes the offense limitless. Take away one option, there’s something to counter it, and so forth. One of Coach Doug’s strongest assets is putting each and every one of his players in the best position to shine regardless of strength, size, or height. It was an honor to be  able to play for Coach Novak,  and add so many skills to my game that I will use going forward in my basketball journey!”


Myah Taylor, Mississippi State Women's Basketball, 2022 SEC Assist Leader 


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