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What others are saying about Coach Novak

Tim Floyd

Head Coach - UTEP, Former Head Coach - Chicago Bulls and New Orleans Hornets

“I feel Bethel University made a tremendous hire in Doug Novak.  People are drawn to Doug and players enjoy playing for him.  The system Coach Novak utilized at Tulane not only gave players freedom, but they were our most difficult team to scout in conference play.”

Pat Summitt

Former Head Coach - University of Tennessee, all time winningest coach in NCAA basketball history

“Our staff spent two days at Anderson University watching Doug’s team practice.  I always learned so much watching him put concepts together.  We were a better team because of the time we spent watching Coach Novak’s practices.”

Lennie Acuff

Head Basketball Coach - Lipscomb University

“Doug is a man of character, integrity, and tremendous wisdom.  He will create a culture of excellence within the mens basketball program that will be evident throughout the Bethel Campus, in the classroom and on the floor.  The young men who will play for Coach Novak are so fortunate to have one of the best teachers of the game of basketball and life to invest in them during their time at Bethel.  I would be honored to have my son play for Doug Novak.  I have been blessed to serve as a head coach for 23 years and there is no one in my profession that I have more respect for as a man or coach than Doug.”

Bobby Cremins

Former Head Coach - Georgia Tech and College of Charleston

“I have seen what Doug Novak can do with my own eyes. When I was coaching at College of Charleston – The Citadel’s rival – he and Coach Ed Conroy had his players ready in all aspects of the game: offensively, defensively, transition, in-bounds plays and throughout it all, his players kept their cool and knew what to do in every situation. They were always well-coached, gave us fits all of the time and beat us more times than I care to recall. Off the court, I found Doug to be a gentleman in every sense of the word. There is no doubt that he will do a fine job at Bethel, as he has done at Tulane, The Citadel, and Anderson. He is a winner.”

Jimmy Tillette

Former Head Coach - Samford University

“Doug Novak is one of the brightest coaches in the country.  He is nationally known as highly cerebral and a great thinker of the game.  Remarkably, his integrity matches his intellect.  Bethel has hit a home run in hiring him.”

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